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Symphonic Morphemes
Interactive installation — 2006

An interactive audio-visual installation

Symphonic Morphemes is an exploration of speech (the speaking voice), song (the singing voice), and letterforms (the visual voice). It investigates communication systems such as these, breaking them down, and then recombining them in order to form new vehicles of meaning and expression.

The exploration revolves around a poem and a score specifically written for this piece that challenge different ways of looking at speech, song and letterforms. Symphonic Morphemes is an interactive installation which conducts participants through different emotional stages that come from feeling overwhelmed, to silence, to being lost and then to finally understanding how all these combinations come together to form meaning out of seemingly disparate emotional, visual and auditory elements.

The project is realized by using RFID technology for the hardware part combined with Max/MSP/Jitter a Graphical programming environment as the software.

WEBSITE. Symphonic Morphemes

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